Pre-Departure Planning & Important Travel Timeline

Travel to Cuba involves a strict travel timeline to ensure compliance with the embargo and accompanying regulations.
Note: These dates are approximate. You will receive all information in a timely manner. For those that register after the 60 day mark, items will be due to Discover Corps immediately.

60 days prior to departure:
  • Discover Corps must receive the final balance for the trip
  • Discover Corps must receive Cuba paperwork (attached below)
30-45 days prior to departure:
  • Discover Corps will e-mail the confirmed charter flights out of Miami to each participant 

About 15 days prior to departure:
  • Participants will receive an email confirming the following:
    • Contact information in Cuba
    • Addresses of hotels  in Cuba
    • Confirmation of charter flights to/from Cuba
    • Meeting information at the Miami International Airport on the morning of the trip 
    • The final itinerary for the trip
At the Miami International Airport:
  • Travelers will meet at a pre-determined location and time at the Miami International Airport with the trip guide for the group's charter flight (This location and time will be e-mailed about 15 days prior to departure). Flights will depart between 4am-9am (so be ready for an early start!).
  • Look for the Discover Corps Airport Greeter, who will have a sign with our logo. If you do not see a greeter please go to the check-in counter and confirm you are in the correct line. 
  • Show the airport greeter your passport to receive the following documents: 
    • Round-trip plane ticket from Miami to Cuba and back
    • Cuban Visa (tourist card) 
    • Your signed affidavit to travel to Cuba as part of Discover Corps people-to-people program.
  • Please keep this envelope/packet in a safe place for the return flight home. You may be required to show your affidavit when you pass through immigration in Miami. 
        Checking In
    • One checked bag is included in your flight package of up to 44 lbs.  Baggage over 22lbs will need to be checked. 
    • Overweight charges are one to two dollars per pound and are only payable in US cash. These fees and weights are subject to change at any time, without prior notice and are solely levied by the charter company. 
    • Please follow the usual TSA restrictions for carry-on bags when flying from Miami to Cuba 
    • Please be patient during check in. Due to government regulations and requirements, lines are often longer and check- in will take longer than for most international flights. 
    • If for some reason you are unable to get to Miami the night before for weather related reasons please call our office at 1.619.758.3030 or our 24/7 emergency hotline: 1.888.230.1452