Kate Schachter

Kate is the Group Leaders Forum Coordinator on the NPCA Board of Directors. She works at Union Cab, a worker-owned-and-operated cooperative in Madison, WI, where she serves as Treasurer, on the Audit & Finance Committee and Green Team, and works as a driver and phone answerer.

For 20 years Kate worked in middle management at two different biotechnology companies in Madison WI – as a computer systems manager at one, and a customer service manager at the other.

She is a member of the RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison, and has previously served as Vice-President and President. She also volunteers with the ‘We All’ Poster Committee of the group, and attempts to keep the electronic communication and social networking pieces of the group current and vibrant (listserv, website, Connected Peace Corps, Facebook, etc.).

She served in the Peace Corps in Ghana from 2004-2007.

Kate Schachter has a BS-International Relations, and a graduate certificate in urban and rural economic development, both from Edgewood College in Madison.