Meet the Staff

Kenya Hosts: Zarek Cockar

Zarek is a fourth generation Kenyan, and has grown up with a great appreciation for Kenya’s wild places and natural history. Zarek experienced many safaris and camping trips with family and friends from a very young age. He has nurtured a passion for the smaller aspects of life beyond the ‘Big Five’; birds, plants, spiders, insects and frogs interest him far more than a sleepy lion under a tree. When he is not guiding or working on programming, Zarek is happy to pack a tent in his car and head off on his own to learn the birds, plants and arthropods in a new area of Kenya. His qualifications include; Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association – Gold Level, Field Guides Association of Southern Africa – Level 2 Back-Up Trails Guide, and Cybertracker Track & Sign – Level 3.