14-day Trip Information

The 14-day version of the trip involves a longer journey through the Sacred Valley of Peru. Days 10-11 will be spent driving to important landmarks of the Sacred Valley including Pisac, Santa Teresa and the Pacha Conservancy. Day 12 is a full day hike along mostly flat ground to Aguas Calientes - the entryway to Machu Picchu. Day 13 is spent exploring Machu Picchu before returning back to Cusco.

A few important reminders with regards to the full day hike on Day 12:
  • The hike is approximately 9 miles long
  • We will take a leisurely pace during the hike. If you want to stop and rest or take pictures, no problem!
  • The hike is on mostly flat ground along railroad tracks. However, the last mile of the walk has about 5 degrees of elevation.
  • Please bring a light backpack for the hike which you will be responsible for carrying. Large bags will be left back in Cusco.
  • Remember - Cusco is at a very high altitude! We take our time for this reason.