Packing List

Chiang Mai has a tropical wet and dry climate, tempered by the low latitude and moderate elevation, with warm to hot weather year-round, though nighttime conditions during the dry season can be cool and are much lower than daytime highs. The weather tends to be anywhere from the low 80's to high 90's from June to August. There is also an average rainfall of 6-9 inches from June to August, with about 15-20 rainy days a month. It is important to consider local weather when packing, but still pack conservative clothing. Service sites and temple visits will require more modest clothing choices - i.e. t-shirts and long shorts (cover knees) or pants.

Suggested Packing List: 

  • Warm sweatshirt / fleece
  • Rain Gear - Waterproof Windbreaker or Rain Coat (during rainy season June-October)
  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Gym / sportswear (for hiking / working)
  • Under garments, socks
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts (several pairs; no shorter than mid-thigh)
  • Jeans / long pants (jeans are not recommended to work in)
  • Hat
  • One pair of flip flops / sandals / water shoes
  • One pair of tennis shoes / closed toe sandals (these are for hiking/day to day walking and WILL get dirty)
  • One pair of closed toed shoes for service in school
For service in the school:
  • One set of nice clothes (you don't need to wear a specific uniform, but we also don't want to show up in a tank top and old shorts) 
  • A pair of khakis and a button down shirt, with a collar for the males
  • Nice pants or a long skirt with button up blouse with a collar for the females
  • Pictures from home (to share stories with local students during service)
  • Small Gifts 
  • Nothing big or expensive is required. Pencils or candy (not chocolate – it’ll melt) that is representative of your home city or state would be great.
Bath / Personal:
  • Two towels - one for swimming / beach and one for bathing
  • Personal medication
  • Anti-diarrheal medication
  • Glasses / contacts / contact solution, if applicable
  • Personal toiletries (If you have certain items that you absolutely need, bring enough to last until you return home. Don't forget to bring gender specific products).
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (Note: As this is a tropical country, mosquitoes are abundant throughout the year)
  • Books and/or magazines
  • Watch or small alarm clock
  • Mini-flashlight / headlamp
  • Extra batteries (for your flashlight)
  • Light day bag or pack (small backpack would be ideal)
  • Two refillable water bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal snacks that you may need or crave (such as granola bars or power bars).  We provide 3 full meals a day; however, some have particular dietary/health needs.
  • Disposable camera, film camera or digital camera - and film or memory card(s) for digital camera
  • Adapter and converter for your electronic devices
We Provide:
  • Linens / blankets
  • Pillow
  • Hand soap
For the Loi Krathong Festival (10/30/14 Group)- Please bring ear plugs if you are sensitive to loud noise.

*Laundry service at the Home Base for roughly $1.75 for two pounds (not including ironing). We advise that you bring enough lightweight clothes to avoid having to do laundry more than once.

*Voltage in Thailand is 220 volts. Most tablets, computers, and cameras can support this, however, most hair dryers cannot. Please bring a converter if you will be using high-voltage items.  Most of the outlets will be the 2-prong, with occasional 3-prong outlets.