Travel Insurance

We recommend that our travelers purchase travel insurance to protect their investment. Travel Guard offers several plans that range from Platinum down to Silver. We recommend Travel Guard's Gold Plan as it is their most comprehensive policy and provides a myriad of coverage including medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and a complete suite of assistance services while you travel. Click here to review what type of coverage is provided by this plan. While this is not the only policy available, it is the most common policy purchased by our travelers. 
  • Note that all plans can be purchased up until 24 hours prior to departure. However, certain plans like the Gold plan, allow for pre-existing medical condition waivers if you purchase within 15 days of making your deposit. Additionally, for families traveling, the Gold Plan covers children age 17 and under who are traveling with and related to the primary adult named on the enrollment form at no additional charge. 
  • Click on the following link to get a quote for the suggested Travel Guard Gold Plan. For quotes on any other plans or to discuss the options available, feel free to call Travel Guard at 800.454.7107 and provide them with our Discover Corps Agent Code - 266267.
  • Below is a comparison chart for each of the plans offered by Travel Guard to refer to:


When you are traveling, Travel Guard also provides a range of assistance services which are included under all plans. See below for details: